Baohua Yang is currently the principal architect of Oracle's Blockchain product, leading the research and development of Blockchain service and product. Before that, he has been working on advanced technical topics of networking and distributed system (e.g., blockchain, cloud computing and data analytics) in IBM Research. His interests include Fintech, Data Science and Economics, especially on emerging technologies such as Blockchain, BigData and Machine Learning.

As an architect, he has been linked into the system and algorithm areas for 10+ years, with leading the design and implementation of enterprise solutions and solving key technical challenges.

As an Open-Source developer, he has contributed to numbers of projects (e.g., Hyperledger Fabric, OpenStack and OpenDaylight), and has lead several projects including Hyperledger Cello and Hyperledger Fabric-SDK-Py. He had been serving in Hyperledger project as a member of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) and leading the Technical Working Group in China (TWGC) in past years.

He has published 20+ papers in top-quality international conference and journals (e.g., IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE Trans on Computers), with several technical books and patents. He is also serving as TPC member and reviewer of several academic conferences and journals.

His resume is available here and at Linkedin.